Saturday, March 23, 2019


Living in a Muslim Country we all to often hear the phrase Insh'Allah used in our day to day lives. The correct translation means "God Willing" or "If is God's Will". Often the phrase is used when making plans for the future, a holiday, a special event, it is customary for Arabic speakers to add the phrase Insh'Allah at the end of the sentence to ensure that it will happen as per God's will. This is no different to the Bible where it is stated in the Epistle of James that people should remember that they never know what tomorrow will bring, so the will of God should be acknowledged when making future plans.

Last week 7Days reported that there had been a tragic accident in Al Ain where two young children had lost their lives due to their Mother's negligence behind the wheel. Not only was she speeding, the children, we fear were not safely strapped into the car. The car was a 5 seater car, with 7 occupants, we don't need a degree to figure that assumption out. 7Days posted a link for the article to their home page on facebook, where people were able to leave their comments relating to the tragedy. It deeply saddened me that people think that this accident was God's will. It was God's will to force a woman to speed which lead to her two children losing their lives? I don't think so. I am pretty sure the lady in question had her foot on the accelerator not God.

When is this attitude going to stop? when are people going to take responsibility for their own actions and not fall back to God, and use him as the reason these tragedies happen? God gave us life, a life that we control through our own actions. God gave us intelligence, for us to use to protect ourselves and the ones we love from harm. If you truly believe that God is responsible for everything then why did he give us the resources to create seat belts and car seats? he did that for us to use, to keep us from harms way.

Nothing will bring back those children and the family will have to live the rest of their lives with the guilt that comes in association with a tragedy of this nature, did God wish that on his people?

Let's hope this case has increased awareness in the UAE and that we see a change in attitude towards road safety. I have written in the past about the Buckle up in the Back Dubai campaign, now it is of even more relevance. Also equally annoying is where these words "it's a cultural thing" are used, it's not a cultural thing, it is downright ignorance. You have the intelligence to use your own seatbelt, why not have the same intelligence to tell your children too?

Anyway, I hope this has increased a bit of awareness ...... Insh'Allah

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